Once again, Adsil finds a partner to help make the world a cleaner place. Adsil Corporation teamed up with New York based company PURETI Inc. to cross-market their environmentally friendly and smart coating products, MicroGuard® and PURETi®, in an effort to better serve their clientele around the country.

“We are viewing the world differently than most major corporations,” Ronald Heagle, National Sales Manager for Vital Technologies said, “by combining our product benefits with the long-lasting products of Adsil, we are helping our clients reduce the amount of upkeep required to maintain a healthy environment, while simultaneously extending the service life of their equipment and surfaces.”

“We met through a common interest; the desire to address the serious problems in infection control in the healthcare sector,” Glen Finkel, President and Co-Founder of PURETI said. “We both wanted to put our advanced surface treatments to work to help stop the horrific growth of secondary infections in hospitals.”

PURETI is a patented, light activated, water-based, surface protection technology that uses an advanced photocatalytic system to transform treated materials into self-cleaning, de-odorizing, bio-film resistors. One sustainable and cost effective application of PURETI works for 3 years or more and uses light – not chemicals – to help keep surfaces clean and purify the air.

After a couple months of conversation and realization of their mutual goals, Adsil Corporation and PURETI decided to make a proactive effort to promote each other’s products to their respective clients. This effort would offer their clientele a full-service solution to all their coating, sealing and sanitary needs.

From this point forward, Adsil and PURETI will make a proactive effort to target Healthcare, Food Processing Plants, Hospitality and Governmental Facilities.

Adsil manufactures unique, patented, clear, inorganic, reactive siloxane coatings that protect a wide array of different surfaces. Adsil’s designed their inorganic coatings to help extend the life expectancy of equipment and property, as well as contribute to the ease of maintenance of these surfaces, lowering cleaning costs. MicroGuard provides non-ferrous metal corrosion protection; mold & mildew mitigation on numerous interior or exterior surfaces; energy savings on HVAC/R equipment; produces a stain-resistant, ‘wet-look’ seal coating on concrete or decorative stone; protects grout and hard tile surfaces against staining, mildew growth improved coefficient of friction and burnishing; and so much more.

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For more information on PURETI Inc., please call 212-685-5400 or visit them on the Web at www.pureti.com.