MicroGuard® AD2000-QD (Quick Dry)

Need to get it done fast? Introducing the new and improved AD2000-QD (Quick Dry), All-In-One Hard Surface Finish. Our patented, low-foaming AD2000-QD provides a quick drying, long-lasting, stunningly beautiful, sustainable and non-sacrificial finish that protects tile, stone, terrazzo, non-ferrous metal, painted metal and concrete surfaces from abrasive wear, stains, mold, odor, graffiti and chemical attack. All with less down time.

(replaces AD708 QD)

Preserve. Prolong. Protect.

At Adsil, we specialize in sustainability – making your assets last longer, stay cleaner and cost less to maintain. Our MicroGuard® All-In-One Hard Surface Finish is an inorganic, self-curing, glass-like coating that is among the most durable coating known to mankind. So different and effective, it’s patented.

Adsil’s MicroGuard® AD2000-QD (Quick Dry) clear siloxane sealing system covalently bonds with tile, stone, terrazzo, non-ferrous metal, painted metal and concrete surfaces to produce a beautiful, strong, thin, clear coat that delivers remarkable adhesion, long-term protection and wear-resistance. Inside or outside.

MicroGuard® AD2000-QD (Quick Dry) is formulated as a faster drying alternative to the MicroGuard® AD1000 All-In-One Hard Surface Finish. Faster drying time is particularly beneficial when dealing in the hospitality or restaurant sectors or any business where downtime is an issue. AD2000-QD (Quick Dry) maintains all the beneficial properties of AD1000.

Unique Features and Benefits

  • Patented technology
  • Covalently bonds to the surface (becomes a part of the surface)
  • Less down time (50% faster cure time)
  • Beautiful, hi-gloss finish
  • Extends asset/property life
  • Sustainable with proven ROI
    • Easy to clean, low maintenance
    • Cost reduction in cleaning materials and labor
    • Enables green cleaners to be effectively used
    • No maintenance contract necessary
  • Eliminates the need for waxing and buffing
  • Mold, mildew, fungus, germ, virus, bacteria mitigation (ASTM-G21 rated zero, no microbial growth)
  • Clear, non-yellowing surface protection from UV light degradation
  • Wear resistant, long-term durability (ASTM D4060)
  • Abrasion or ablation protection
  • Extreme tolerance to heat and cold
  • Chemical and stain resistant
  • Non-sacrificial, graffiti protection
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Preserve, prolong and protect your most valuable assets, and your bottom line, with MicroGuard®.