Adsil has made its way into the happiest place on earth as Surface Solutions Inc. has just finished installing MicroGuard® Anti-skid sealant on multiple locations at Walt Disney World.

“We have used MicroGuard at Disney for five years,” Surface Solutions Inc. said. “They don’t just use it as an anti-skid; they also use it to extend the life of particular service areas, and in food areas to maintain a high standard of cleanliness.”

Over the past three months, MicroGuard has been used to coat floors in the water-attraction areas of the park, in exterior walkways and in multiple bathrooms throughout Disney’s All-Star Café and Contemporary Resort.

Adsil manufactures unique, patented, clear, inorganic, reactive siloxane coatings that protect a wide array of different surfaces. Adsil’s inorganic coatings are designed to help extend the life expectancy of equipment and property, but also contribute to the ease of maintenance of these surfaces, lowering cleaning costs. MicroGuard provides non-ferrous metal corrosion protection; mold & mildew mitigation on numerous interior or exterior surfaces; energy savings on HVAC/R equipment; for producing a stain-resistant, ‘wet-look’ seal-coating on concrete or decorative stone; protects grout and hard tile surfaces against staining, mildew growth improved coefficient of friction and burnishing; and so much more.

The Full MicroGuard Product Line offers:

  • Mold & mildew mitigation, interior or exterior
  • Non-sacrificial anti-graffiti protection
  • Abrasion or ablation protection
  • Surface protection for UV light degradation
  • Corrosion protection of non-ferrous metals
  • Unparalleled stain resistance properties
  • Reduction of energy consumption HVAC/R equipment
  • Ease of surface cleaning & maintenance
  • Reduction of costs associated with cleaning
  • Extension of asset or property life
  • Beautifully protecting, preserving & prolonging your surfaces

Adsil is setting a new standard of excellence in the field of high-performance product finishes with a full line of MicroGuard products.

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