ASTM G21 – Mold Inoculation Test

MicroGuard® AD1000 – All-In-One Hard Surface Finish
MicroGuard1TM 3500 HVAC/R – Coil & Fin Clear Protective Treatment
MicroGuard® AD95 – Corrosion Protector Clear Treatment
MicroGuard® AD702 – Concrete Clear Waterproofing Sealer
MicroGuard® AD00 – Anti-Graffiti Clear Surface Treatment
MicroGuard® AD703 – Concrete Clear Gloss Treatment
MicroGuard® AD708 – Hard Tile Clear Gloss Treatment

ASTM D 4060 – Taber Abrasion Test

MicroGuard®  AD703, AD708, AD1000

Taber Shear/Scratch Test

MicroGuard1TM 3500 HVAC/R

ASTM D 2047-93 –  Coefficient of Friction

MicroGuard® ASTM D 2047-93 – AD708, AD1000-Coefficient of Friction (James Machine)

ASTM D 2485 – Method B, High Temperature Testing

MicroGuard® ASTM D 2485 Method B – AD1000/AD2000 – High Temperature Testing

ISO 16773 Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Test

MicroGuard1TM 3500 HVAC/R

ASTM B 117 – Salt Chamber Test

MicroGuard1TM 3500 HVAC/R

HVAC Energy Testing

MicroGuard® CDH Energy Corporation Summary
MicroGuard® Florida Power & Light Final Report
MicroGuard® EPA Energy Summary
MicroGuard® Southern California Edison Energy Credits

Laminar Flow Study

MicroGuard® Auburn University Study

Ultra-Violet Light Exposure Test

MicroGuard® UVA Test – MicroGuard1 3500