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MicroGuard1® 3500

Adsil’s research and development has produced an advanced, one-component, siloxane-based HVAC/R coating that is easy to use, is a LOW VOC product, and outperforms our cult-classic AD35! Introducing Adsil’s next generation HVAC/R coating – MicroGuard1 3500. Designed for use on heating and air conditioning equipment; coils, fins, tubes, fans and even cabinets, MG1-3500 is among the most advanced protective coatings available. Proven to positively arrest corrosion, protect against chemical and environmental assault, extend the life of equipment, save energy and mitigate microbial growth providing sustainable results with a verifiable ROI.

(replaces AD35)

Stop Using Coatings that ONLY Protect Against Corrosion, Impede Heat Transfer and Feed Mold! There IS a Better Way!

MicroGuard1 3500 is a cross link cured, glass-like film that chemically bonds to non-ferrous metal ensuring maximum adhesion and protection in the harshest environments. At 6-8 microns thick, the coating preserves your HVAC/R system’s original performance without affecting heat transfer or laminar air flow. Click here to learn your coating chemistry.

MG1-3500’s advanced inorganic formula outperforms traditional coatings, protects against corrosion, heat, UV light, pollution and chemical assault other coatings can’t, it cannot oxidize, and will not support mold growth improving indoor air quality. Its hydrophobic properties repel debris, reduce maintenance costs and save energy – protecting your assets and your bottom line.

Unique Features and Benefits

  • LOW VOC Product
    • Environmentally friendly formula with “0” Global Warming Potential value after cure
  • Extreme Corrosion Protection
    • ISO 16773 EIS tested to be significantly more resistant to ion migration than previous formula to positively arrest corrosion
  • Unmatched Chemical, UV and Pollution Protection
    • Proven to withstand the harshest environments
  • 9H Pencil Hardness for Superior Durability
  • Mitigates Fungal and Microbial Growth
    • Inorganic formula cannot feed microbes resulting in reduced maintenance costs and better indoor air quality
  • Covalently Bonds with 5-B Adhesion
    • Strongest adhesion available to aluminum, copper and stainless
    • Will not delaminate, peel or crack
  • Microscopically Thin
    • No air flow reduction or heat transfer degradation after coating for better efficiency and energy savings
    • Protects both round tube and microchannel coil designs
  • UV Stable
    • Will not photo-oxidize, yellow or flake
  • Hydrophobic
    • Coils are easier to clean, stay cleaner longer and green cleaners can be effectively used
  • Sustainable with Verifiable ROI
    • Lowers maintenance costs, lowers life-cycle costs and extends service life of equipment
  • Coats Painted Surfaces
  • REACH Exempt and RoHS Compliant
    • Complies with EU regulations
  • LEED Points Available
    • Building certification rewards sustainable and environmentally friendly decisions and can qualify to obtain state and local government incentives
  • Installation in the Field or at a Coating Center – Professional installation with fast turnaround time

Preserve, prolong and protect your most valuable assets, and your bottom line, with MicroGuard1!

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