AD1-103 – MicroKleen™ Retarder Solvent

MicroKleen™ AD1-103 is a balanced blend of fast, medium and slow evaporating solvents that can be added into Adsil Clear Inorganic Reacted Siloxane Treatments (ex: MicroGuard® products). When added to these Adsil Inorganic Clears, the solvent blend will help improve flow & leveling properties, maintain a longer working wet edge during product installation and will replace any solvents that may have been lost to evaporation during the mixing process.

AD1-919 – MicroKleen™ Spray and Equipment Cleaner

MicroKleen™ AD1-919 is used to clean and/or flush application tools and spray equipment, following the application of Adsil Clear Inorganic Reacted Siloxane Protective Treatments. MicroKleen™ AD1-919 can also be used to clean up drips, spills and over spray before the Adsil Clear Reacted Siloxane products dry to touch.

AD72-930 – MicroKleen™ Final Rinse

MicroKleen™ AD72-930 is used to affect a final cleaning, rinse and pH neutralizing of HVAC/R aluminum or copper coils and fin-packs before the installation of MicroGuard® AD35 Clear Coil Protective Treatment. Final Rinse will also help remove any remaining soap film residue or other surface contaminates lingering on the surface from the initial cleaning process.

PLC-1 – MicroKleen™ Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser

MicroKleen™ PLC-1 is a concentrate formula, which provides deep penetrating and lifting action for removal of tough surface contaminates. With its penetrating cleaning action, it is effective on oily residues, surface soiling contaminates and mold spores. This innovative cleaner contains a unique blend of highly active components, which are very effective for most general cleaning purposes. MicroKleen™ PLC-1 works exceptionally well on each of the following tough surfaces: HVAC/R coils and cabinets, ceramic tile, terrazzo, concrete, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, painted surfaces, etc.

PLC-AN – MicroKleen™ Phosphoric Acid Etch & Clean

MicroKleen™ PLC-AN is designed for neutralizing the high pH of porous lime grout and concrete surfaces prior to the application of MicroGuard® Clear Siloxane Finishes. In addition to etching and neutralizing these surfaces, this product will also clean and remove concrete surface laitance or efflorescence and light, oily contamination. PLC-AN may also be used to remove cuprous oxide or copper sulfate from copper and tarnish from non-ferrous or stainless metals.

PLC-40 – MicroKleen™ Siloxane Stripper

MicroKleen™ PLC-40 effectively dissolves cured MicroGuard® Clear Siloxane films, one layer at a time. For stripping multiple siloxane coating layers, directional steps 3 through 6 will need to be repeated for each coating layer to be removed.