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MicroGuard1® Matte Additive

MicroGuard1® Matte Additive is formulated to be added to our patented MicroGuard1® 1500 (MG1-1500) coating without affecting performance. That means you can have a gorgeous matte finish and all of Adsil’s proven benefits. With a single-layer and single-application, MicroGuard1® Matte provides a hydrophobic, slip-resistant, anti-microbial matte finish that’s Adsil Strong.

Preserve. Prolong. Protect.

At Adsil, we specialize in sustainability – making your assets last longer, stay cleaner and cost less to maintain.

MicroGuard1® Matte Additive is formulated be added to MicroGuard1® 1500 (MG1-1500) where a long-term protective matte finish is needed. It is designed for installations over hard tile & grout, epoxy terrazzo, slate, decorative stone, concrete, concrete terrazzo, brick-paver, painted metal, and non-ferrous metal surfaces. It may be used on horizontal or vertical, interior or exterior installations, wherever resistance to chemicals, water exposure, staining, abrasion, odor, graffiti, mold mitigation, and slip resistance is desired.

Unique Features and Benefits

  • Keeps a matte surface matte
    • In Adsil’s lab, we kept an 8-gloss ceramic tile at an 8-gloss after MicroGuard1® Matte application
    • Average gloss meter reading is 7-15 (depending on original substrate)
  • Architects and specifiers requiring a matte finish can now be accepted
  • Extends asset/property life
  • Crystal clear, non-yellowing finish
  • Chemical, abrasion, and stain resistant
  • Hydrophobic
  • 9H hardness
  • Non-sacrificial, anti-graffiti
  • Mitigates microbial growth (ASTM G-21 rated 0)
  • Wear resistant, long term durability, passes cross hatch adhesion
  • Sustainable with proven ROI
    • Easy to clean with water or Neutral pH cleaner, low maintenance
    • Cost reduction in cleaning materials and labor
    • No maintenance contract necessary
  • Can be stripped, repaired and recoated

Preserve, prolong and protect your most valuable assets, and your bottom line, with MicroGuard1®.