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MicroGuard1® 3500 Information for Installers

Adsil’s research and development investment has produced the most advanced, one-component, siloxane-based HVAC/R coating that is easier to use, is a LOW VOC product, and outperforms our cult-classic AD35!

NO MIXING, NO DWELL TIME, NO HASSLE! Just open, pour and use.



Use MG1-3500 and Make More Money

MicroGuard1® 3500 (MG1-3500) is designed for application onto air handling equipment to resist the destructive effects of corrosive environments, such as salt-laden coastal air, or industrial environments. Its inorganic, low viscosity formula penetrates deeply into the coil fin-pack and molecularly bonds to it, ensuring maximum protection. Extensive field and laboratory testing have demonstrated that MG1-3500 significantly inhibits mold growth, which promotes better indoor air quality. Plus, its micro-thin film does not act as an insulating barrier to heat exchange efficiencies, rather, air-flow efficiencies are maintained, and energy costs may be reduced over the life of the HVAC/R Unit asset. Ideal for field or shop installations.
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